About Us

Siena, Sydney & Paris

I started working on Ocean SF in the summer of 2016. My husband died of a sudden heart attack that July, leaving me with my two daughters to raise and a great deal of responsibility. My friends encouraged me to continue with Ocean SF and so many people stepped in to help me build this beautiful company.

My daughters modeled in the freezing cold for hours, while my friends Brad Helms and Nick Firestone took the photos. Deb, my dear friend from college, stepped in with a pattern maker, factory and financing, and opened her home in Newport Beach to us. Friends of mine from my days in tech, like Mike Hession, stepped in to help with financial advise and introductions to investors. My neighbor, Craig Nomura, spent hours teaching me to do cost, profit and inventory spreadsheets. Seth Freeman, a frequent guest on Bloomberg, offered his insight into how to manage and grow a financially sound organization.

The Finegold’s of Tart gave invaluable retail advise and direction and my UC Berkeley business coach Brigette Iarrusso-Soto taught me to be resilient, step into my power and remember my “why” in the face of the many setbacks and obstacles along the way.

Additionally, my thanks to the Berkeley Yacht Club Race Committee and the many friends I have met there who have inspired and supported me, including Bobbi and Betty and my favorite sailor Patrick Hind-Smith.

Lastly, appreciated is Sailing Access Initiative founders Nick and David for testing my jacket at sea this summer on the Pacific Cup race to Hawaii from San Francisco. And, Bill and Brian Rus who tested the jacket on the sail back to San Francisco each offered invaluable insights.

I am very grateful to have such caring people in my life, and loving family and friends.

Fair winds, love and blessings.