Boatspeed 25 knots: Learning How to Send It

A favorite sailing memory I have is hitting 25 knots of boatspeed surfing down a wave in a turboed 52 foot planing sailboat heading into the North side of the Santa Barbara channel with an important jibe needing to happen within the next 29 minutes or we’d hit an island. We were sailing in puffs of 38 knots and a brand new carbon 3Di genoa rigged to an outboard lead. A momentous, eureka moment! That’s when I really began to understand sailing. That’s the moment I thought about for the next 6 months when stuck in some mundane part of life on land. And, it’s when I first truly understood what it means to Send It!

Send the Sail up! Sending the messenger line down. “Go bow down and SEND IT on this Wave!” To truly Send It you’ve got to have a certain laissez-faire attitude, even though it is a very hands on experience. Sending It most wholly implies Grace in the Face of Pressure because the stakes are ultimately high, but why not sit back and indulge in the sensation of speed you can get from that perfect combination of sails and sea?

Learning how to Send It on the ocean transforms the rest of your life too.

The first thing you notice is that your general perception of the world around you has become deeper. You think faster. You’re somehow Quicker!

Then there’s the confidence boost. “Oh That Goal?” -’Well, let’s just fucking Send It, bra-bra’ It’s not a matter of If. Things now are a matter of how. Let’s work through the issues, look at the problem from many different angles, and make this work. You see, that’s what you always have to be doing when Sending It; You always have to be prepared to face the worst case scenario and manage it as best as you can to make the situation come out in your favor. Only the paranoid survive-- that is, Always be thinking!

Well, we have to tell you that OCEAN SF has been thinking quite a lot about our goals and purpose. Guess what, We’re SENDING IT! We’re changing the paradigm of polyester fleece microfiber pollution by forgetting about it all together. Time to move on by at once returning to time tested materials and at the same time milling these materials with the most sophisticated textile technologies known to man! In a way our incredible merino wool jackets perform exactly like the boat described earlier in this post: Timeless, wind powered sails coupled coupled with the most sophisticated sail making techniques.

Put another way: Our merino wool performs better than any synthetic or polyester fleece, and most especially when it counts. You know when it counts, that untimely wave over the bow right before you got your foulies on.