Building The Brand

Today, Andrew and I sat down with the legendary Craig Nomura to map out our product plan for the next two years.  

Craig, an expert retail genius who launched Gap into Asia among other things, is the most soft spoken brillant person we have ever met.  He walked us through the process of laying a strong production and management foundation for the Ocean SF brand, planning and managing our inventory and sales, and basically becoming a well established brand that will last the test of time.

Andrew luckily is a whiz at spreadsheets and we added product after product with calculations that will take us well into the future.

To think that Ocean SF started one day on a sail from Berkeley to San Francisco seems like incredible luck at this point, but it has comprised hours and hours of hard work and help from the four corners of the earth.  Good friends like Debra Green Robertson, our EVP of Sales, and biggest fan, and lots of expert advise has brought us here.  We are so excited to be doing work we love, living our dreams of sailing and designing clothing and working to protect the environment we so dearly love.

Spread the love and share our site with friends.  We are afterall, a ground roots, start up who needs the support our friends, the SF sailing community and the many people we come in contact with everyday.

Please consider supporting our vision for all natural, sustainble clothing like ours.  And thank you to everyone who supports Ocean SF and our other projects.