Sailor Style: Skill in Dressing and in Living Well

Sailing is skill intensive.  It is also simple and intuitive.  In fact, most people could learn 70% of what you need to know in a couple weekends.  The remaining 30% though will take you the rest of your life to learn.  

Sailors are always learning.  Learning from other sailors and each new experience on the water they have.  One of the things a salty sailor knows how to do is dress well and dress appropriately for the weather.  We’re biased, but have always thought sailor style was the perfect combination of sophistication and ease.  Sailors never seem to try too hard with their clothing, but always look stylish.  Even going back to the 1970s and, say, classic Line 7 foulies, the bottom line was that a veteran sailor was probably going to dress pretty cool on and off the water.  They’ll pass in the fancy yacht club and when dinghy-ing to shore in the Caribbean, all with style and grace.

Part of what we love about our jobs is the opportunity to educate our customers on the realities of dressing for sailing, and the outdoors in general.  And, it is through our quest to educate that we also learn.  Getting to talk to sailors often is amazing, and so too is hearing about what they like and dislike, and those stories about just, exactly how their clothes ripped or failed or, best of all, saved them from the edge of disaster.  We love our job for another big awesome reason too.  Helping to prevent plastic pollution in the ocean, having the opportunity to cause a total paradigm shift in the market away from plastic fleece towards something that doesn’t ruin our water feels incredible.

Merino wool -- especially our jackets -- don’t just keep you really warm no matter the conditions, but no plastic microfibers shed from it when it gets washed.  Our merino wool is technical.  We use very sophisticated milling technology that helps amplify the benefits of our already high-performing wool.  

If you are interested in not only sailing but any outdoor pursuit where you need a quality midlayer to keep you warm, we encourage you to give our jackets a try. We promise you'll love them! And, we promise the planet will too.