Our Midlayer Jacket

The last word in adventurewear, we make both men's and women's performance clothing.  Focusing on the Midlayer, we have set sail with a timeless, high-performing 100% Merino Wool jacket.  Our complementary midlayer pants will be available starting in January 2018, and shares a high attention to design details with our jacket.  

Our jackets will keep you warm, even when they get wet.  They will also wick sweat away from your body to evaporate when you are exerting yourself.  

Machine washable.  

Zippered sleeves for easy on and off with gloves

Water resistant pocket for keys and other valuables

See through pocket for phones and charts


12 Unique Attributes of Our “Signature” Midlayer Jacket

Our wool is the finest in the world, custom milled for Ocean SF by a local San Francisco Bay firm, it comes from the sheep of the highest quality and ethical care in New Zealand, and is milled with the latest technology, for the utmost softness, loft and comfort. Machine washable.

  1. Replaces drinking water polluting polar fleece with a luxurious sustainable alternative
  2. Flattering, warm, comfortable design by San Francisco Bay sailors
  3. US made - designed in Berkeley and sewn locally in Los Angeles, California 
  4. 100% sustainable New Zealand merino wool fleece milled with a loft to trap air for added softness and warmth 
  5. Wool is naturally antimicrobial which reduces odor
  6. Wool is naturally insulating with the unique properties of natural fibers to reduce the risk of hyperthermia while wet
  7. Three zipped pockets and two inside open pockets for charts or quick cell phone placement
  8. Water-resistant pocket to keep keys and phones dry
  9. Protected neck zipper designed to protect skin
  10. Elongated zippered sleeves for warmth and easy on off with gloves
  11. Flat locking seams for strong, seamless and flattering fit
  12. International Safety Orange (among other colors) for overboard risk in stormy weather and while racing