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Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

After sailing on the San Francisco bay in 2016, founder and CEO, Sydney Chaney-Thomas realized the difficulty in finding quality jackets to keep her warm and dry, and that weren’t made from synthetic material, like polyester. 

Having a passion for the health of our environment and oceans, Sydney set out to create a sustainable alternative to our current options in outdoor sports apparel, which is unfortunately an industry dominated by polyester. 

Ocean SF was born out of the inspiration and belief that our clothes can and should be comfortable and beautifully designed, without having a negative impact on our environment.

Our Mission

Microplastic pollution is a big dealEvery day tiny microplastic particles are shed from our clothes made from synthetic material, like polyester. Water treatment plants are not able to filter all microplastic fibers, causing our oceans and drinking water to become more polluted with plastic.  Plus, in producing plastic fibers for polyester clothes, it’s supporting the oil industry which, you know, is casually destroying earth.

Made with 100% natural fabrics, Ocean SF apparel offers a sustainable solution.

Our mission is to create sustainable clothing, educate and inspire others to join in our philosophy, and ultimately engender meaningful change in how people consume clothing and impact the environment.  


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