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“Ocean SF jackets are great for the ocean. I love the quality and design and it works well in cold weather. It has a sporty feel that makes me want to use it vs a bulky heavy feeling. Great product that focuses on an environmentally friendly ethos."
David Janinis
Pacific Cup Race, BYC Fleet Caption
(Bodacious + Chomp)
“When it came time for my biggest sailing adventure so far, the 2018 Pac Cup, I knew that the other products I had just were not going to cut it. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the five existing OCEAN SF Signature Jackets just before leaving the dock. With some heavy skepticism, I slid into it and took off for the Pacific. The first 4 days were cold, but I was nice and toasty using the jacket as midlayer. By the time we got into warmer waters, the Signature Jacket was the only thing I needed while up on deck at night, even during the squalls. It got wet, kept me warm, and dried out in the sun during the next day. I have probably three or four different sailing jackets. Some give water protection, others are insulated, and some aren’t really meant for sailing after all. The OCEAN SF Signature Jacket is the only jacket that works.”
Nick Childress
Sailing Access Initiative

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