A Percentage of Profits Donated to The Lonely Whale Foundation


We are certified as an ethical and sustainable brand by Remake the World who works to reform the clothing industry.

“From extreme waste and environmental destruction to illegal wages and unsafe working conditions, the fashion industry’s focus on trendy, disposable clothing has staggering impacts on people and our planet. Remake is a community who pledge to wear our values and put an end to fast fashion.” – Remake The World

Our Why

With a passion for the health of our environment our founder Sydney, an avid skier and sailor, set out to create a sustainable alternative to our current options in outdoor sports apparel. Ensuring that Ocean SF was ethically produced in addition to being environmentally responsible went without question.

Made with 100% natural fabrics, Ocean SF apparel offers an ethical and sustainable alternative.

Ocean SF was born of the belief that clothes should be comfortable and beautifully designed, without having a negative impact on our environment and the people who sew them.

Best Practices in Production


Ocean SF manufacturers our wool jackets and hoodies in San Francisco near Union Square. They are hand sewn by Connie Pang and her team of three generations of sewers at Synergy Apparel located at 956 Mission Street in San Francisco, California. Our Ocean SF logo and hats are embroidered in Oakland, California by a company called Blue Frog.

Our patterns are made by Gina Golledge in Richmond, California and our grading and markers are made by Mary Ann Parker of Marker Express located in Napa, California.


We custom mill the wool used for our wool fleece jackets through a Global Merino in Marin, California. Global Merino, a pioneer in biodegradable textiles won the Eco Performance award in 2017. It’s tightly woven on the outside to keep the wind out with a loft on the inside to retain warmth. Global Merino is a Bluesign System Partner and Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) supplier.

We source our Merino Wool jersey for our new hoodies from Natures Fabrics in Pennsylvania. They are family owned and also source only natural and ethical fabric that can be purchased in small quantities.

Our linen dresses are made of 100% linen and are completely biodegradable without buttons or zippers.Partners

Our swimwear is made of zero waste fabric in Italy and New Zealand specifically for Ocean SF. Our partner Emroce is owned by Emma Churchill and she sources her fabric from a company called Econyl. The fabric is soft and beautiful to the touch. The soft fabric we use and our well thought out design make our swimwear unparalleled in comfort.

Our Vintage Ocean SF store is run by Paul Laverne and his Berkeley based company, Boomerang

Ocean SF also partners with Ethically a wear your values fashion platform.


We use only biodegradable packaging and will repair your Ocean SF garments through our Vintage Ocean SF store for you to keep or resell.


A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the following organizations:

5 Gyres (https://www.5gyres.org)

Lonely Whale (https://www.lonelywhale.org)



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