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What is your return policy?


Garments will be accepted for return unworn and with tags within 30 days of purchase.


How do I wash my Merino Wool jacket?


Wash on gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent and lay flats to dry.


How do I wash my linen dress?


Wash on gentle cycle with cold water and hang to dry. Iron on linen setting if desired.


Where are your clothes made?


Ocean SF manufacturers our wool jackets and hoodies in San Francisco on Mission Street near Union Square.


Our linen dresses are made in Minsk, Belarus.


Swimwear is made for Ocean SF in Italy by our partner Emroce.


What are your swimsuits made of?


Our swimwear is made of zero waste fabric made in Italy.


Where does your Merino Wool come from?


We custom milled our wool used for our jackets through a company in Marin, California. It’s tightly woven on the outside to keep the wind out with a loft on the inside to retain warmth.

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