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Tested At Sea

Brian Rus photo by Bill Rus

Last summer Ocean SF was tested at sea during the Pacific Cup Race to Hawaii. It performed exceptionally well in this environment as the night squalls would soak the sailors on deck and the jacket made of all natural Merino Wool would still keep them warm. The jacket would be laid out to dry on the deck the next. Keeping sailors comfortable on these amazing voyages is our mission. Please read the remarkable words by Bill Rus about his trip below.

“The trip back was amazing. Sixteen days of sailing without the bother of societal noise. No time constraints other than our watch schedule. No Internet, no social media, no distractions from advertising or any other artificial stuff—just horizon-to-horizon, 360 degrees of pure nature—and pure sailing. Milky Way across the sky, with the Perseid meteor shower in full glorious display. Rainbows from squalls were not just 180 degrees, but almost 360 degrees…the arc of the rainbows was so complete and so close to the boat that I felt like I could reach out and touch it. I’ve never seen anything like it.

We slowed to a crawl mid ocean—as far as one can get from land in the world—and we went for a swim.  The deep translucent blue of the open ocean is indescribable. Photos can’t touch it. Descriptions are not enough. You just have to experience it for yourself.”  – Bill Rus

Ocean SF outfits crews, please contact us for more information.

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