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Walking the Walk

Founder and CEO Sydney Chaney Thomas at our San Francisco factory on 6th and Mission

Currently, we are working to get Ocean SF rated on the ‘Good On You’ rating system for consumer use when purchasing clothing. It’s an app you use when buying clothes to check how environmentally, labor and animal friendly a company is. For example North Face got a three ‘Its A Start’ and Patagonia got a four ‘Good’ and Helly Hansen got a two ‘Not Good Enough’ rating. I’m hoping Ocean SF will have a five and if it doesn’t I’m committed to ensuring it will.

I’ll be attending a Bluesign event in November to learn more about how Ocean SF can help to drive sustainable change in clothing manufacturing in the U.S.

After being part of the glamorous San Francisco Fashion Week as a new and emerging designer, I’m back to the nuts and bolts of laying a solid foundation for my environmental conservationist sportswear company Ocean SF.

I am very proud of the amazing vendors and partners I have been lucky enough to find and work with over the last three years.

Our beautiful 100% Merino Wool fabric that we custom milled through Global Merino was expensive to manufacture, but it is ethicality and sustainably produced. Global Merino is a Bluesign System Partner and a Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) supplier. This is the gorgeous orange, red and blue fabric you see in our advertising.

Ocean SF manufacturers our wool jackets and hoodies in San Francisco on Sixth and Mission Streets near Union Square. They are hand sewn by Connie Pang and her team of sewers. Our Ocean SF logo and hats are embroidered in Oakland, California by a company called Blue Frog.

Our patterns are made by Gina Golledge in Richmond, California and our grading and markers are made by Mary Ann Parker of Marker Express located in Napa, California.

Our linen dresses are made of 100% linen and are completely biodegradable without buttons or zippers.

Our swimwear is made of zero waste fabric in Italy and New Zealand specifically for Ocean SF. Our partner Emroce is owned by Emma Churchill and she sources her fabric from a company called Econyl. It’s difficult to coordinate the time zones, but it’s nice when I can FaceTime Emma. She is always quick to get samples done and is very hands on sewing everything with her team. The fabric is soft, light weight and beautiful to the touch. The fabric and well thought out design make our swimwear unparalleled in comfort.

We are working very hard behind the scenes to bring our customers the most beautiful and environmentally evolved sportswear available today.

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