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Literacy, Conservation & Sustainability

Last week I was able to attend a dialog conference sponsored by Bluesign of Switzerland. Sadly, I was not able to stay for the afternoon session because I teach language arts in the afternoon to children K-6. In doing this I stay aligned with my values and life purpose.

The Bluesign event was fascinating as they are addressing conservation in manufacturing and are changing the world, or in this case, returning the world to its more natural form. When I started Ocean SF it was uncommon to think of clothing and the widespread use of plastic as dangerous, but it is.

I was in good company with many large brands and proponents of sustainability in attendance. I was sitting with two fascinating people involved in the science and chemicals used in the supply chain of manufacturing. I asked them dozens of questions as their knowledge was deep and this is an area that I wish to grow in.

Bluesign did a presentation on the Measurements of Impact. Emissions, chemicals, particles, gas, noise, heat, radiation and the impact of the World Health Organization in reducing waste and pollution in manufacturing. Over consumption and over production remain a notable problem as well. There is just so much to learn.

It was fascinating and impressive that one company can incite so much change. I would have loved to have spent two days learning more about Bluesign and their efforts around the world, hopefully I will have the chance again.

I’m preparing to teach a class on leadership and in doing this I am thinking about what I most value. My most pressing concerns are literacy, conservation and sustainability.

I’m excited to be a Bluesign partner and grow my line of sustainable outdoor apparel. I will also continue to work in the field of literacy touching as many lives as I can in my work at The Learning Space where I see 24 students weekly.


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