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Big Daddy Regatta & Getting Back to Work

Big Daddy Regatta

As I collect my thoughts this early Sunday morning I am dreaming of my last misty morning on the San Francisco Bay. It was the Big Daddy Regatta hosted by Richmond Yacht Club. It was pouring rain, but I was ridiculously warm in my Ocean SF wool mid layer. I was wearing the men’s size large in Orange sitting inside The Pelican Race Committee boat.

This was my last big gathering of a group of 50 people or more before quarantine. I stood in the Yacht Club talking to the Berkeley Yacht Club President. I met some very interesting people that day on both the Race Committee and at the after party. I was sipping a beer and making plans with them for the summer. Oh, the things we take for granted. I miss the luxury of being so naive.


Before COVID-19 I was busy raising money to fund my next Ocean SF collection. Now the retail industry has blown up and not in a good way, and as a consequence is bleeding money. Maybe hemorrhaging is a better word. Still, I was just chosen as a semi finalist for The Pepperdine 15 most fundable companies and our Vintage preowned store is now open and we’ve seen a few sales roll in.

A friend of mine in advertising who works with the big brands told me I dodged a major bullet not having produced the inventory I had planned. Maybe so. Maybe so.

For whatever reason in many of my endeavors luck always plays a bigger role than my efforts. Heaven knows I was hustling hard to fund that production.

More importantly, I’m thankful for the environmental re-set we are seeing as a result of quarantine. This is definitely the silver lining of the situation. As I see our planet healing I am even more committed to locally and ethically produced sustainable outdoor clothing.

As the morning fog lifts this June morning in the Bay Area I sip my coffee and plan my next move for Ocean SF. I can see my fall collection with valour cotton pants for men and women in jewel tones, and cosy cotton hoodies in sky blue. I see myself walking back into my San Francisco factory and putting everyone to work.

Another silver lining is time. I’ve updated our website. I had to learn how to program with Elementor Builder to do it, so please don’t say I’m not techie. Because I am. My kids don’t teach me how to use technology, I teach them. I’ve detailed our certifications and commitment to human and environmental protections in our processes under the Ethical & Sustainable tabs, click here to read more.

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