A Percentage of Profits Donated to The Lonely Whale Foundation

Warm Gear for Cold Weather & More

Ocean SF is in production again in San Francisco making our sustainable outdoor apparel. After selling out of almost everything I’ve made I am taking the deep dive into producing another line of clothing for cool weather. My signature jackets will be available, but stock is limited as I have been taking pre-orders through out the pandemic for what I was out of. Even though retail is suffering during the pandemic Ocean SF has been thriving. As orders rolled in I miraculously had just that size and color for the order in stock. Every time I received an order I was able to make a donation to The Lonely Whale or to 5 Gyres. It feels incredibly good to be able to help the organizations that are working to save our oceans and waterways from the impact of plastics and plastic particles. Now it’s time to replenish so I can offer some nice discounts to teams and my loyal customer base.

We are bringing back some of the winners from last year including the very thick and warm 100% Merino Wool hoodie. If you are social distancing outdoors this winter this is the perfect purchase. Originally made for sailing this is an anywhere garment. My fabric is custom milled making it perfect for outdoor sports like sailing, hiking, skiing or cycling because it wicks moisture and continues to keep you warm even if it gets wet. It is also anti-bacterial meaning it will not smell even if you sweat. What’s not to love?

These 100% Merino jackets and hoodies are great for spending time at the fire pit or doing the back yard social distancing required to stay healthy through the upcoming flu season.

I’ve just finished my women’s prototypes for the velour track and wide leg jogger pants. They are incredibly comfortable and stylish. There are three styles in pants and shorts for both men and women. I also finished my two new Bamboo tops. They are so comfortable and light weight an excellent layering piece to be worn under the wool. These long sleeve options have a wonderful soft smooth finish and are slightly stretchy. This is a wonderful innovative fabric that you will love. I used bamboo because it is the most environmentally sustainable fabric in the world right now. Bamboo grows quickly while putting oxygen in our atmosphere and it is also easy on water during production unlike some fabrics that use a great deal of water to produce. These new styles will be available in early January or sooner. And, they are ridiculously comfortable. Please feel free to leave me a comment or send me a message to learn more.

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