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Wear Your Values


San Francisco, California, April 14  — Ocean SF a sustainable and ethical outdoor sportswear brand focused on sailing announces its return to basics in their Wear Your Values Campaign due to launch in May of 2021.

Ocean SF launched their groundbreaking signature jacket in 2018 made of 100% Merino Wool and made in San Francisco on Mission and 6th Street. This jacket replaces water polluting polyester fleece in the market, keeps sailors and outdoor enthusiasts warm while wet, and is antibacterial. The jacket has many key features for active individuals like a hidden pocket for keys and credit cards and an easy to access interior pocket for mobile phones.  

The Wear Your Values campaign is designed for younger consumers who want to purchase clothing with a clean supply chain that is made of 100% sustainable cotton. This allows younger consumers to purchase Ocean SF at an affordable price.  Ocean SF will follow this spring line with bamboo and linen due to hit this summer.

Ocean SF is a social impact brand that believes in environmental protection and human rights. Our fabric is sourced from BLUESIGN certified factories and our products are made in San Francisco, California. 

Environmental Factors

Polyester fleece pollutes drinking water when washed. Today, microfibers are found in the fish we eat and in the bodies of human cadavers. It has been determined that there are approximately 4 billion plastic microfibers in every cubic kilometer of the deep ocean and 94% of drinking water tested in the US contains plastic microfibers. 

A study released in June of 2016 by Patagonia states that a typical fleece jacket sheds up to 250,000 plastic microfibers into water supplies every time it is washed research was done by the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara  (see link below for more on the study).


Fast fashion creates clothing that is disposable. Made of poor quality materials that pollute our environment, they are quickly added to landfill. The processing of textiles has a significant impact on both the consumption and pollution of clean water throughout the world.

The Human Impact

The competitive nature of fast fashion has resulted in an increase in sweatshops being utilized to meet retailer demands. Employees in these overseas factories are underpaid and overworked, with wages well below the acceptable minimum – without health benefits or overtime pay. These employees are subjected to hazardous materials and toxic dyes containing lead.


Ocean SF was founded by Sydney Chaney Thomas, a sailor, and avid skier, in 2018. Sydney designed her first prototype in 2016 to wear sailing in the often cold and treacherous San Francisco Bay.  As a skier, she knew that if wool got wet it would not make you hyperthermic in the same way polyester can. As a lifetime environmentalist, she also knew polyester was a source of pollution for the oceans and waterways. “Ocean SF was born out of the inspiration and belief that our clothes can and should be comfortable and beautifully designed, without having a negative impact on the environment,” says, Sydney.

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